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Live Free is UW-Madison’s first peer-to-peer student organization that confronts addiction through educational engagement, community outreach, and recovery resources. Our goal is to support individuals who are simultaneously striving to achieve and/or maintain addiction recovery and getting an education. We also take pride in being a resource and welcoming community for individuals that are being indirectly affected by addiction, suffering from codependency, or simply desire a community that is dedicated to offering an inviting, substance-free space.

So you may ask, what are we about? What efforts do we commit our organization to in order to achieve these goals? For starters, we want to provide a sense of community for anyone who is looking for a fun, welcoming, and resourceful group of individuals that value and respect sobriety. However, our mission is not to supply a program for members to follow nor do we inquire about anyone’s sobriety. We are merely a judgment-free, helpful resource for anyone’s questions. Some of our wellness events include free yoga classes, film festivals, nutritional cooking classes, guest speaker gatherings, and many more cool get-togethers! In regards to our members’ anonymity, every aspect of one’s voluntary engagement and participation is kept private within the organization. Our integrity is equally as important to us as our purpose.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our student organization– we appreciate you! Feel free to share our information with any local student you feel would benefit from it or come stop in to say hi at our office on the third floor of the Student Activity Center.

– Live Free Student Board

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