Leadership Team

Live Free is composed of five chairs; two co-chairs, a public relations chair, a community outreach chair, and an events coordinator

The Co-Chairs:

As chief executive officers, our dual leadership team serves as the foundation for the organization, managing the rest of the leadership team comprised of paid leadership and a few volunteers with leadership roles, in addition to the general membership. The Co-Chairs facilitate member meetings and leadership meetings (unless otherwise designated), coordinate with and keep the advising team informed, and make sure operations are running smoothly internally and externally. It is the responsibility of the Chair’s to manage shared authority and responsibility, by communicating consistently and thoroughly and dividing tasks.

The Chairs keep in close contact with other officers and oversee collaborations between them. Co-Chair I takes on administrative and secretarial duties, such as distributing minutes, managing important documents and making sure that Live Free is functioning with University policy and procedure. Co-Chair II  is accountable for the treasury and all financial obligations, operating within the ASM/SSFC framework with the GSSF budget. The ultimate goal of the Co-Chairs is to serve the needs of their leaders and the general membership, and further the mission of Live Free.

The Public Relations Chair: 

The Public Relations Chair is responsible for keeping Live Free visible in the community. This position is also responsible for managing our Live Free website, and Live Free’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) in accordance with the Social Networking Policies. The PR Chair is in charge of pamphlets, brochures, flyers, and all promotional print materials and merchandise. In addition, the PR Chair is in charge of seeking out opportunities for Live Free to have a media presence on campus and in the community, with school newspapers, radio stations, etc. The PR Chair is trained in messaging and anti-stigma tactics in order to represent our organization and UW-Madison in an appropriate, recovery-positive way.

The Community Outreach Chair:

The Community Outreach Chair acts as the liaison between Live Free and the larger community. This position focuses on asset mapping, capacity-building efforts, and collaborating with other community groups and initiatives that are helpful aids in our mission. The Outreach Chair also manages Outreach Workshops and Panels, tabling, and volunteer & leadership trainings, as well as the volunteer Community Outreach Committee, made up of members and volunteers.

And the Events Coordinator: 

The Event Coordinator oversees Wellness Initiatives, Live Free’s All Recovery Groups, and larger events, such as kick-offs or recruitment drives. Maddie is responsible for assembling a consistent calendar of activities on campus and in the community that are either recovery-oriented or recovery-friendly. One of Live Free’s priorities is to cultivate a strong sense of connection among its members and social visibility on campus; thus, the Event Coordinator is in charge of organizing outings such as hiking at Devil’s Lake, kickball at James Madison Park, a concerts, comedy shows, and yoga events. Many individuals’ biggest fear in anticipation of living in recovery is that it will be boring and isolated—the Event Coordinator’s role is to make sure that that is not the case.