Sober Shoutouts

Featured Book/Audiobook of the Month: 

LeRoy Spaniol, Martin Koehler, and Dori Hutchinson The Recovery Workbook: Practical Coping and Empowerment Strategies for People with Psychiatric Disabilities

This book is different that other books that have been recommended the purpose of this book is

“To teach awareness and understanding of the recovery process. To teach coping and empowerment strategies for recovery. To provide the information and skills needed to strengthen the recovery process, to cope more creatively, and to live life more fully”

This workbook is described as: “A resource for professionals, family members, and consumers/survivors to help people who experience psychiatric disability begin the process of recovery”.

Citation for both of the quotations: (Spaniol, L., Koehler, M., & Hutchinson, D. (1994, 2009). The recovery workbook: Practical coping and empowerment strategies for people with psychiatric disability, Revised edition. Boston, MA: Boston University, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation)



Featured Ted Talk of the Month:

Claudia Christian How I Overcame Alcoholism 

In this TED Talk actress Claudia Christian tells her story and struggles with Alcohol Use Disorder. Claudia emphasizes the struggle of dealing with a substance abuse disorder on the biological level. No matter what method Claudia tried she relapsed, and after years and years the toll this process can take on a person is unimaginable. How Claudia Christian overcame alcoholism was with the use of ‘The Sinclair Method’. ‘The Sinclair Method’ involves the use of an opiate blocker, like naltrexone, an hour before consuming alcohol, the opiate blocker then removes the reward that is received from drinking. If this type of treatment resonates with you, do research and see a doctor to see if this method will benefit you.

Featured Podcast of the Month:

Death Sex & Money Bottled Up: Your Stories About Drinking

This podcast episode features real and honest stories from different people on how they relate to drinking. Given the prevalence of drinking in adult and social life, feelings towards drinking will be complicated and varied. Some stories you may relate to, others not so much, whichever the case after a listen one might feel less alone and more human in their relationship to drinking.

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August’s Book: Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

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August’s Podcast: Soberholic’s “Serenity, Acceptance, Wisdom- Which are you looking for?”

July’s Book: Brené Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

July’s Ted Talk: Robert Thurman’s Expanding your circle of compassion

July’s Podcast: Former monk, Jay Shetty’s Podcast On Purpose; Ashley Graham: On Body Shaming and How to Stop Negative Self Talk

June’s Book: Erica Spiegelman’s Rewired: A Bold New Approach to Addiction and Recovery

June’s Ted Talk: Judson Brewer: A Simple Way To Break A Bad Habit 

June’s Podcast: Former Monk, Jay Shetty’s On Purpose: Being Open About Mental Health With Charlamagne

May’s Book: Russell Brand’s Freedom From Our Addictions

May’s Ted Talk: Jan Rader’s In the Opioid Crisis, Here’s What it Takes to Save a Life

May’s Podcast: Happy Sober Podcast’s Should I cut back on drinking or quit drinking completely?

April’s Book: Annie Grace’s Control Alcohol

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